Coronavirus Update

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UPDATE: Friday, March 27, 2020

UPDATE: Monday, March 16, 2020

Effective immediately, all classes are cancelled through and including Friday, March 27. Cancellations may continue beyond then depending on the recommendations of the CDC and the federal government. We hope to have online class options available by the end of the week.

Over the last few days, we have received many emails from our students asking if we were cancelling classes and what our plan is with the current Coronavirus outbreak. Many students have also offered their opinion on what we should do and those opinions range everywhere from “there is nothing to worry about – this is all being blown out of proportion by the media” to “you are irresponsible for remaining open and potentially exposing your students to this illness.”

For the time being, we are opting to stay open and to continue to offer our full schedule. We have, however, reduced our class capacity from 25 to 15 going forward to allow for adequate social distancing during class. For most of our classes, this is not a problem. However, some of our Level 1 and Level 2.2 classes came close to or exceeded this limit last week. If you are pre-registered for one of these classes, please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. At that time, we will release any spaces to anyone who may be a walk-in. For our classes that are on the small side and we may opt to cancel those classes for the remainder of the session if attendance drops below 3 people.

We are asking our faculty to follow the same guidelines, so it may become necessary to cancel some classes should any of our teachers become ill. We will do our best to inform our students in advance should this become necessary.

If you do attend class, we ask that you please wash your hands when you arrive and again before you leave. If you are showing any symptoms or have come in contact with anyone who is showing symptoms, please stay home.

In the meantime, we are making plans for how to service our students who do not wish to attend or what to do should we need to cancel classes for any period of time. If you are a Never-2-Late student, we recommend purchasing the DVD so that you can practice at home. We are currently working on a way to deliver weekly video classes online for Level 1, Level 2.2, and Level 3. Students who wish to participate will be charged one class from their current flex-pass to receive each week’s lesson. Even if you are still attending classes, you may want to sign up for this to help you better practice at home. We hope to have this option set up and ready by the end of the week, however, there is a lot of time and work that needs to go into setting this up, so please be patient. We will let you know when it is ready.

If you are currently taking Level 2.5 or 2.8, we recommend you purchase and download the Rusty Frank instructional videos for the dances that are being taught at these levels (The Shim Sham, The Revenge of the Shim Sham, The B.S. Chorus, and the Copasetic Chair Dance). These videos are available on Rusty Frank’s website: CLICK HERE

If you feel that attending class is too risky and you do not wish to participate in the online classes, please email Mary and we can put a hold on your current flex-pass. We will reactivate your pass when you decide to return to class.

Dorrance Dance Update

For those of you who have purchased tickets to Dorrance Dance at the Mesa Arts Center on April 1, we are awaiting information as to whether this performance will be happening. As of right now, Dorrance Dance has cancelled all performances through March 31. The April 1 performance at the Mesa Arts Center is still scheduled to go as of this writing. Please stay tuned for more information.

Check Back Often

Information about this outbreak is rapidly changing. Please check this page and our social media sites often for more updates. Updates will be posted at the top of this page as they become available.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update”

  1. Thanks for staying on top of this. And thanks so much for giving us somewhere safe to go to take our minds off the current stressful situation. You have my full support.

  2. Thank you for the information. I will be at the Never too Late level one on Monday and I would like to purchase the DVD.

  3. My 90 yr mother recently moved in with us. I think it is not wise to attend Monday am 10:00 class . Miss my tap class !

  4. Hi,
    I missed the first class of Monday Never2 Late because I was sick. I already have the DVD but would like to put my pass on hold and sign up for the next session of Never2Late.
    Thank you,

  5. My daughter and I would still like to come to Level1 Friday am class. If we could spread out more and utilize the full space of room (for distancing) that would be great! We understand that things are changing daily, so we will continue following your updates. May everyone stay healthy!💕

    1. Unfortunately we are canceling all classes for the next 2 weeks and possibly beyond. We are closely monitoring the situation and all updates from the CDC. All flex passes are being put on hold so that the 120 day expiration date will be extended through this shut down. We are looking at ways to deliver online classes for Levels 1, 2.2, and 3 and hope to have something available by the end of the week.

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