Virtual Class Information

Our studio is currently closed for in-person classes due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We will re-open when we feel it is safe to do so. Our priority is keeping our students safe. At this point, we are planning and hoping to resume in-person classes in August.

Virtual Lessons Available

In the meantime, we are offering virtual lessons. These lessons are designed for adults and follow the same format as our in-person classes. They are delivered via email in the form of an attached PDF file. The file contains directions for your lesson, links to videos, and choreography notes. There are 7 individual lessons for each level in a session. The following levels are currently available:

Never-2-Late Part 1 (for the total beginner)
Never-2-Late Part 2 (continuing total beginner)
Tap Level 1 (mastering the basics)
Tap Level 2.2 (Soft Shoe)
Tap Level 2.3 (Waltz Clogs)
Tap Level 2.6 (Standard Time Steps)
Tap Level 2.9 (Rudiments)
Tap Level 3 (Intermediate)

We are using the same passes that we use for in person classes, so if you are buying these by the class, you should purchase one of the following:

Single Class Pass

5 Class Flex-Pass

10 Class Flex-Pass

20 Class Flex-Pass

We are now offering virtual classes in a 7 Class Package option, so you can purchase the entire session all at once. This package is only good for virtual lessons and all 7 classes must be used for the same level within the same session. This package is available here:

7 Class Package