5 thoughts on “Tap Workshop this Saturday”

  1. Scheduled to begin Tap 1 after completing Never too Late….will there be a class that’s appropriate for me this coming Saturday, July 14th? Will my fee for the missed class yesterday, July 9th, cover the cost of Saturday’s class. Most importantly….hope Mary is on the road to recovery.

    1. These workshops are being held by the AZ Tap Club, and not Wall-2-Wall Dance Center, so your Wall-2-Wall Dance Center passes cannot be used for these classes. We will make sure you have an opportunity to use your passes once Mary recovers.

  2. I would love to come to a class or two, but I would need to know the level of the class. I have been in the Never to Late, and was able to keep up. I could possibly be successful in a level 1. Please let me know the levels and times.

  3. Wish again I could do some classes but I have my niece in town and we are celebrating my son’s 18th birthday that day.

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