We don’t want to SPAM you!

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One of the advantages of our new website is that we can easily publish our monthly newsletter and other updates as blog posts and our subscribers will automatically receive an email letting them know to check it out. And if you accidentally delete the email, the newsletter will still be available on the website for you! 

But we also have had complaints from people who say that they consider our email SPAM and we do not want to bother you if you are not interested. If you would rather not receive our emails, please unsubscribe from our email list. Our feelings will not be hurt. We know and understand that receiving large amounts of unsolicited email can clog up your inbox and we only want to send emails out to the people who really want to receive them. All of our update and newsletter emails contain a link for unsubscribing. If that doesn’t work. please email Mary directly and she will remove you from the subscriber list.

Our May 2018 Newsletter will be posted sometime next week. We are hoping to have our email list cleaned up before that time.

Thanks so much! And Tap Happy!

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