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The schedule and registration is now available for the Sept/Oct 2018 Session.

Sept - Oct 2018 Class Schedule

September 10 - October 26, 2018
Monday10 am Tap Level 3
Monday11 am Golden HeartBeats
Monday5:30 pmTap Level 1
Monday6:30 pmTap Level 2.4
Monday7:30 pmNever-2-Late Part 1
Tuesday9 amNever-2-Late Part 1
Tuesday 10 amTap Level 2.4
Tuesday6:30 pmTap Level 3
Tuesday7:30 pmCrimson HeartBeats
Wednesday10 amTap Level 3
Wednesday11 amGolden HeartBeats
Wednesday5:30 pmTap Level 2.4
Wednesday6:30 pmTap Level 1
Wednesday7:30 pmNever-2-Late Part 2
Thursday6:30 pmTap Level 3
Thursday7:30 pmCrimson HeartBeats
Friday9 am Tap Level 1
Friday10 amTap Level 3
Friday 11 amNever-2-Late Part 2

Class Prices

Discount prices are for seniors age 50+, U.S. Military (including veterans),and full time college students. ID is required to receive the discount.
 Regular PriceDiscount Price
Individual Class Drop-in$12.50$10.00
7 Week Session Pass
(1 class per week)
Unlimited Session Pass
(best deal if you take 4 or more classes a week)
10 Class Flex-Pass
(good for 120 days)
20 Class Flex-Pass
(good for 120 days)

We recommend that students enroll for the entire session. Regular class attendance and practice is the best way to develop your tap dance skills. Plus, enrolling for the entire session is the most economical option. There are no refunds for missed classes, but students can attend another class as a make-up for any missed classes. Make-ups must be completed by the end of the session. Session passes are available until the end of the second week of classes.

If you are taking 4 or more classes each week, we recommend purchasing and Unlimited Session Pass, which allows you to take unlimited class during the 11 week session. Unlimited Session passes are available until the end of the second week of classes.

If you don’t want to commit to a particular class, you can buy a FLEX-PASS. Flex-Passes come in 10 and 20 class increments and are good for 120 days from the date of first used, regardless of session.

Click here to purchase a 10 Class Flex-Pass
Click here to purchase a 20 Class Flex-Pass

If you want to pay by the individual class, you can!


Dance classes at Wall-2-Wall Dance Center are offered by the session. New material is presented in all classes the first week of the session and then all classes progress from there. All classes at our studio are 55 minutes in length. Each tap dance class begins with a warm-up and includes technique work appropriate for the level. Some choreography may be included as well. Our class levels are defined as follows:

This is our “Introduction to Tap” class. It is for those with no experience in tap dancing. The pace of the class is slower than a Level 1 class so that students have an opportunity to become familiar with the basic technique. In Never-2-Late Part 1, we cover cramp rolls, tap walks, shuffles, shuffle ball change, shim sham, irishes, slaps, flaps, flap-heels, and flap ball changes. After completing Never-2-Late Part 1, students progress to Never-2-Late Part 2.

This is the continuation of the Never-2-Late class. In Never-2-Late Part 2, we review the skills that were taught in Part 1 and then cover maxi fords, shuffle off to Buffalo, paddle and roll, waltz clog, spring shuffles and the rockette step. After completing Never-2-Late Part 2, students are ready for Tap Level 1.


For those with some experience in tap dance. It is expected that students in this class will be familiar with the basic steps and combinations introduced in NEVER-2-LATE TAP. These classes still focus on the basics, but move at a slightly faster pace. This is the class where you really work on mastering all of the basic steps. Most students will spend 1-2 years in Level 1 classes before they are ready to move to Level 2.


For those who have mastered the basics of the tap dance and are ready for something more challenging. This class focuses on Time Steps and traditional pieces of tap dance choreography. It takes 8 sessions to complete Level 2 before you will be ready to move to Level 3. It is recommended that students take the Level 2 classes in order, beginning with LEVEL 2.1 and work their way up to LEVEL 2.8. The 8 sub-levels are:

  • Level 2.1: Coles’ Stroll, Paddle and Roll exercises, beginning Riffs, slurps
  • Level 2.2: Soft Shoe (Essence Steps), drawbacks, Cincinattis
  • Level 2.3: Waltz Clogs (single, double, triple, quad) Buffaloes, Maxi Fords
  • Level 2.4: Military Time Steps, Cramp Rolls, Rockette Step variations
  • Level 2.5 The Shim Sham Shimmy (including the Shim Sham II and the Revenge of the Shim Sham)
  • Level 2.6: Time Step Boot Camp: Shuffle Time Steps, Stomple Time Steps, Travelling Time Steps, Hoofer Time Steps and more!
  • Level 2.7: The B.S. Chorus and the Copasetic Chair Dance
  • Level 2.8: The Steve Condos Rudiments and Level 3 Preparation

This is an intermediate level class. Level 3 classes are fast-paced. Students should have mastery of everything that is covered in the previous levels before trying this class. This class focuses heavily on technique, style, rhythm and musicality.

This is our adult tap dance performance group. Students in this class need to be a solid Level 2.6 or higher tapper, and have a desire to perform. In these classes, we prepare pieces of choreography for performances. In addition to class fees, there may be additional costume costs for members of this group. Students who take this class are also required to take at least 1 technique class (Level 2 or 3) each week. The HeartBeat Tap Ensemble is made up of 2 groups that meet at different times:

  • THE CRIMSON HEARTBEATS: for tappers ages 16 and up. This group meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm.
  • THE GOLDEN HEARTBEATS: for tappers ages 50+. This group meets Monday and Wednesday mornings at 11 am.